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Pure Skin

Skin Calmer REFILL

Skin Calmer REFILL

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“One refill pouch equals TWO Skin Calmer bottles?! Sign me up!!”

Spend less and get more all while reducing your carbon footprint with this refill! Skin Calmer is an all natural spray that tones and firms skin, balances PH, prevents acne, cools and heals sun burn, soothes bug bites, and relieves rash and irritation. Use before or after applying makeup to maintain moisture and prevent dull, dry looking skin. It is gentle and cooling, even on sensitive skin and can be used on all over your body. Available in 4oz Refill Pouch.

Best Uses

  • Skin Toner
  • Acne Prevention
  • Shrinking Pore Appearance
  • Facial moisturizer
  • Balance PH of skin
  • Relief from Skin Irritations and Rash
  • Cooling and Relieving Sun Burn
  • Calming Itch from Bug Bites


Aloe, hazel, argon, tea tree oil, .

How To Use

Gently shake refill pouch and carefully twist open cap. Slowly pour liquid in pouch into the empty Skin Calmer bottle via plastic spout. Replace cap on refill pouch and spray top on Skin Calmer bottle. Shake bottle before every use to activate.

Holding bottle 6 inches from face, apply 1 to 2 sprays to clean, dry skin. Use whenever desires. External use only.

Want to amplify the appearance of youthful skin? Use Skin Calmer after a relaxing bath or shower with the Body Polish Towel  and Skin Glow Age-Defying Turmeric Soap.

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