Our Standards for Customer and Employee Health and Safety

The Coronavirus COVID-19, has caused individuals and business to look at the way they conduct day-to-day life in a new light. Our mission has always been to ensure that our customers have safe and effective products. Keeping the best interest of our customers is at the heart of all decisions and policies that we make, and that will never change.

Our daily practices include proper hygiene, frequent hand washing, the use of gloves, face masks, smocks, organized and well filtered and ventilated labs, efficient lighting, and sanitized work spaces, just to name a few. Though we already have high standards of quality cleaning and sanitizing protocols in place, we have increased our routine daily disinfecting of repeatedly touched surfaces, work spaces, and our labs.

We want to help alleviate any concerns that you may have when it comes to the safety of your skin care products with Pure Skin.

  • First, we have placed an immediate pause on attending local events until further notice to eliminate exposure to the virus.
  • Next, because each products is carefully handcrafted, we have reduced the number of employees in the lab.
  • In addition, we have procedures in place to monitor the health of our staff members. Any individuals that are not felling well, may have a fever, or may have had immediate contact with anyone carrying the virus are to remain home so that they may rest and practice self care.
  • Lastly, our staff has decided to practice social distancing for the betterment of, not only the Pure Skin environment, but also for their own families.

Due to theses practices, all of our employees are currently healthy.

We will never sacrifice the quality of our customer care or the heath of the public. We are dedicated and determined to continuously provide uninterrupted and dependable service as well as the timely crafting and shipping of your order.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have been effected by this global pandemic and everyone's well-being is on the forefront of our minds.  We are deeply grateful for the healthcare professionals, governments, and community efforts on the front lines of this unprecedented health concern. As we continue to monitor this situation and implement guidance from national and public heath organizations, we will update our Pure Skin family (customer base) on any changes and/or courses of actions that we may have.

Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty.