About Us

How It All Started

"My daughter suffered from eczema and I quickly grew tired of all the thick creams that left her skin greasy, ointments that left her with dry chalky skin, and medication that prevented her from playing in direct sunlight. Not knowing the long term effects of all the ingredients and chemicals that I couldn't begin to pronounce worried me, as well. I wanted to come up with a more natural way to relieve her eczema. Through  hours of intensive research, formulation,  and trial, Healing Body Butter was created. I began to applying the body butter to the effected areas of my daughter's skin. She immediately noticed that her skin was no longer tight and itchy and in a week's time, I saw a huge difference in her skin. Her skin was softer and was no longer cracked and bleeding. In three weeks, friends and family started noticing the difference in my daughter's skin and started asking what we were using. I told them how I came to make the body butter and how we use it, head to toe, everyday and gave out samples. I received excited and awestruck reports of their skin's healing and softness. I knew that Healing Body Butter was a product that everyone would benefit from."


Pure Skin Promise

Each and every product is handcrafted, with natural ingredients, in small batches to ensure the very best quality products, every time. Our customer service is top notch and if there is a custom product that you would like created, we can create it, in most cases. If you have questions about the best way to use a product or would like to see Pure Skin in a store near you, please let us know. It is our goal to ensure that your experience with Pure Skin, is one that you look forward to every time.