About Us

     For the first few years of my business's existence, I tried to hide behind it. I simply didn't want to take ANY attention off of the company I was working so hard to create but what I have learned is that, as a small business owner, my work life and personal life overlap. More importantly, YOU all deserve to know who you are entrusting with your natural skin care needs. So, let me tell you a bit about myself and the journey that brought me to the creation of Pure Skin Repair.

The Early Years

     I was born and raised in west Texas as the last-born military brat to my mom and dad. My mom grew up in a family of eleven, with nine siblings and two hard working parents in a little country town of Arkansas. My dad grew up in a small town in Florida, also in a family of eleven. My brother, who had my parents all to himself for the first six years, took to me pretty well, I think. Whether I was bored, being bullied by a classmate, or chocking on an orange (which honestly, happened more often than I should be willing to admit), he was always there to save me. There was never a dull moment when we were younger. My brother had the best imagination and would come up with fun, out-of-the-box-ways to pass the time. Growing up, surrounded by this blessed unity of people is what helped to mold the optimistic, solution-based thinking that is a part of my everyday life.


My brother and I hanging out on that couch that everyone in the 80's had.

A New Chapter

     In 1997, after my mom and dad divorced, my mother and I moved to central Texas to be closer to family. My aunt retired from Fort hood and settled here with her daughter and husband. Leaving friends and family behind in El Paso was tough but it was a much-needed change for us. I made new friends, grew even closer to my family, and earned degrees here in the heart of Texas. I even became a mother here. In 2009, I had a daughter and that shifted the way I looked at my life. It was no longer about me. What I wanted, as all parents do, was to protect and provide for her. My daughter had a stroke at birth and though the following years were very stressful and tiring at times, I knew that I always had God to lean on.

Blessing in Disguise

Being the single mother of a child with special needs requires major time management and flexibility and the harsh reality is that most companies or employers could not or were not willing to accommodate to my child's needs. While working 16-hour days as the lead operational manager for a company based out of state, I was laid off before my daughter's first brain surgery. I was distraught. Looking back, I now know that if I hadn't lost my job then, I wouldn't be where I am now. You see, about six months before I was laid off, I noticed that my daughter and her half-sister were having issues with eczema. I had taken them to the doctor a few times and was repeatedly prescribed medications or ointments that left their skin dry and itchy or warned against being in sunlight while on the medication. In addition, not knowing the long-term effects of all the ingredients and chemicals that I couldn't even begin to pronounce worried me. I knew that I could find a natural way to relive my daughters' eczema woes.

     In my free time, I began intensive research on possible natural solutions. I formulated and tested trials of natural ingredients until I crafted a butter that was the correct consistency, smell, and effectiveness, all while remaining gentle for sensitive skin. I began applying the butter to the affected areas of the skin and they immediately noticed that the itchy tightness was relieved. In a week's time, I saw a huge difference. My daughters' skin was now softer and was no longer cracked and bleeding. In three weeks, friends and family started noticing the difference in her appearance and started asking what we were using. I told them how I came to make the body butter and how we used it, head to toe, every day and gave out samples. I received back, excited and awestruck reports! Fast forward to being laid off...I knew that I had created and amazing body butter that could really be beneficial to a lot of people but didn't know how to go about selling it. Thank God for word of mouth. Those who had tried it, shared their results with friends and all the talk was bringing people to my door, asking if I could make them some of The Healing Butter for them as well, and I did!

Pure Skin Repair is Born

     In 2016, I officially launched Pure Skin Repair and started selling to the public. It has been an eye-opening 6+ years. Not only have I been able to work for myself and around my daughter's needs, but I am able to do it with my mother and my daughter by my side. I cannot express how grateful I am to my mother for being the emotional support I required through every surgery and health crisis that my daughter and I had to face. I would not have been able to hold myself together as well as I have without her. And from my daughter, I have learned the power in prayer and faith, and the strength and determination that this growing woman of God is made of.


My mother and daughter playing an intense game of Connect Four. 


The Future CEO working a local event with me.

     A huge thank you to everyone for your love and support. We are grateful beyond measure, and we hope to see you at a local event soon. Until then, please stay safe and enjoy life. Thank you.


My daughter at her first local event after recovering from her last brain surgery.

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Our Promise

Every product is handcrafted, with natural ingredients, in small batches to ensure the best quality, every time. Our customer service is top notch and if there is a custom product that you would like created, we can craft it, in most cases. If you would like tips on the best ways to use a product, we will be more than happy to help. It is our goal to ensure that your experience with Pure Skin, is one that you look forward to every time.


Catrina (Pure Skin CEO)