Pheromone Enhancing Fragrances

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Pheromone Enhancing Fragrances
Pheromone Enhancing Fragrances
Pheromone Enhancing Fragrances

Pheromones are naturally produced in the body and are in charge of sex appeal. In most cases, they are not noticeable, but are rather detected by the subconscious mind and it's sense of smell. Studies show that men and women are attracted to different primal notes in a mate and enhancing your body's natural pheromones increases your chances of attracting that special someone.

Pure Skin Repair has created pheromone enhancing fragrances to work with your natural chemistry. "Hey Girl..." has a calming clean scent (found alluring to women) and "Hey Boy..." has a spicy floral scent (found to be appealing to men), however, these scents are not gender specific due to the fact that they compliment your personal composition. They are easy to carry and ready to use for your next outing. When you want the attention of that special someone, you'll be prepared.

Available in 10ml Glass Roller Ball Vial

How To Use:

Apply Pheromone Enhancing Fragrance to clean skin. Use roll applicator to apply a small amount to wrists and/or behind the ears.


Avocado, almond, sesame oil, essential oil blend.

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