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Pure Skin

Pheromone Enhancing Fragrances

Pheromone Enhancing Fragrances

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Pheromone Scent (Select Scent Below)

You'll get their attention...

Pheromones, naturally produced in the body, play a crucial role in sex appeal. Though often undetectable to the conscious mind, they are sensed by the subconscious and influence attraction. Studies show that men and women are drawn to different primal notes in a mate, and enhancing your natural pheromones can increase your chances of attracting that special someone.

Our Pheromone-Enhancing Fragrances are designed to work with your body's chemistry. "Hey Girl..." has a calming clean scent, while "Hey Boy..." features a spicy floral aroma. Each fragrance complements your composition to create a custom scent just for you. Easy to carry and ready to use, these fragrances are perfect for your next outing. When you want the attention of that special someone, you'll be prepared.

Available in 10ml Glass Roller Ball Vial

Best Uses:

  • Enhancing Pheromones
  • Daily Fragrance
  • Amplifying Fragrance


  • Avocado Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Sesame Oil
  • Essential Oil Blend

How to Use:

  1. Apply Pheromone Enhancing Fragrance to clean skin.
  2. Use the roll applicator to apply a small amount to wrists and/or behind the ears.

Perfect for use after a relaxing Rose Milk Bath Soak.

Experience the allure of our Pheromone-Enhancing Fragrances and make every encounter memorable.

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