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Pure Skin

Natural Oil Car Freshener

Natural Oil Car Freshener

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Beauty inside and out.
Though natural and wholesome skin care is our main passion, we know that there is a need for healthy products in everyone's life. We are determined to help provide for more and more of those needs and are excited to release our line of Natural Oil Car Fresheners! Not only are our car freshener beautifully crafted, a made with quality oils, but it will last for months to come. You'll fall in love with the scents and will never look at car fragrance the same again.

Natural Car Oil Scents

Rustic Leather: A deep, clean musk. Supremely crisp, warm, and comforting.

Caribbean Colada: Creamy banana and coconut infuse together for a deliciously tropical scent.

Gardenia: A beautiful and deeply clean floral fragrance. Amazingly calming.

How To Use

To start enjoying you car freshener, unscrew the wooden cap and set aside. Carefully remove the container's plug from the opening by pulling it upward and discard. With the bottle in the upright position to avoid spillage, securely replace the wooden cap. Carefully tie the strings of the freshener around the rear view mirror and enjoy. For a burst of scent, quickly turn bottle on its side and return to its upright position.

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