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Pure Skin

Hair Tonic

Hair Tonic

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Dry, brittle hair? Not anymore.
The sun and atmosphere are hard on you and your hair. Pure Skin Repair has created Hair Tonic, to revitalize and protect your mane from the harshness of the world’s elements. Pressed oils, revitalizing nourishment, and growth promoting vitamins absorb into the core of your hair to strengthen and restore from the inside out. A light floral fragrance freshens and scents hair while reversing the evolution of damage from your strands and reviving its natural elegance. Available in 2oz

Best Uses

  • Moisturizing
  • Frizz control
  • Heat pressing and curling oil
  • Conditioning
  • Styling aid


    Coconut oil, almond oil, botanical oil blend.

    How To Use

    Hair Tonic can be used a number of ways.

    1) Spray 2 to 3 sprays of Hair Tonic into the palm, rub hands together, and rub hands through desired areas of hair.

    2) Wash hair and spray Hair tonic into damp hair. Massage evenly and rinse out with cool water.

    3) Wash hair and spray Hair Tonic into damp hair. Blow dry and style as normal.

    Looking to improve your scalp's health and encourage healthy hair growth? Use with Dandruff Elixir and Elastic Restoration Conditioner.
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