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Dandruff Elixir

Pure Skin

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Dandruff Elixir

There are few things that are as uncomfortable as a dry scalp and the resulting visibility of dandruff can be quite embarrassing. In Pure Skin Repair’s Dandruff Elixir, only the finest ingredients are used to not only strengthen and fortify hair, but to restore the elasticity of the scalp to alleviate itch. With a light citric fragrance and an easy adjustable applicator, the Dandruff Elixir is perfect for everyday use or use as needed.
You have enough things on your mind. Let Pure Skin Repair ensure the purity of the products that work hard for you. Available in 2oz


How To Use:

Dandruff Elixir can be used a number of ways.

1) Apply desired amount of Dandruff Elixir to area of scalp in need of relief.

2) Wash hair and apply Dandruff Elixir to scalp. Place shower cap over hair and allow to sit 15 minutes, massage evenly, and rinse out with cool water.

3) Wash hair and apply Dandruff Elixir to scalp. Blow dry and/or style as normal.


Coconut oil, avocado, almond, lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus, rose.

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