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Cellulite Roller

Cellulite Roller

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Smooth the appearance of fat cells, easily.
Cellulite is the accumulation of fatty deposits under the skin and typically dimples in and around the thighs, booty, and stomach. Unfortunately, exercise does not get rid of cellulite. Certain massage and manipulation of the fat cells will help to break up the deposits and allow your body to shrink these cells. We are proud to announce our Cellulite Roller, carved from natural wood and designed to aid in the reduction of cellulite viability.

Best Uses

  • Break up fat cell deposits
  • Improve the appearance of cellulite
  • Aid in the relief in muscle ache
  • Relaxing massage 



How to use

Gently roll over the desired area to break up fat cells. To make the most of your massage, use the Cellulite Roller with Kissable Skin Moisturizing Spray. What a beauty boost? Reduce dead facial skin with a relaxing massage with Gentle Exfoliating Silicon Cleansing Pad.

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