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Black Pepper Beer Soap

Black Pepper Beer Soap

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Ugly Soap, Refreshing Clean.
Black Pepper Beer Soap is not the pretty soap around but wait until you smell the crisp and clean musk of this moisturizing bar! Looking at this soap is like looking at a visual representation of a nice cold glass of beer but to experience this bar is a different level of self care. Just as refreshing as an after work beverage can be, this bar takes a long day and helps you to relax and wash your stress down the drain. Don't take my work for it though. You'll have to try it for your self. Go ahead! Get your bar and tell us what you think.  Bar approximately 4oz

Best Uses

  • Nourishing Lather
  • Deep Clean
  • Balancing PH of Skin

How To Use

Use Black Pepper Beer Soap daily on hands and body in the shower or tub as desired for a deep moisturizing clean. Shea butter and olive oil balance and hydrate your skin while the vitamins and minerals in beer and high antibacterial properties combat aging and acne. To enhance benefits, apply Skin Calmer to your freshly cleansed skin for a balanced hydration and use Bamboo Soap Saver to extend the life of your soap.


Shea butter, olive oil, cocoa butter, almond oil, castor oil, beer, rose oil, black pepper oil.


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