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Super Fizzy Bath Bomb

Pure Skin

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Super Fizzy Bath Bomb

Made with pure castor oil, a blend of high quality essential oils, and beneficial ingredients, Pure Skin Repair's Super Fizzy Bath Bombs will float, fizzy, bounce, and move, all while conditioning your skin. With a fun selection of exciting scents, there is a bath bomb for everyone. This is the standard of pampering you deserve.

Super Fizzy Bath Bomb Scents

Apple Whisper: Sweet an crispy notes of delicious apple.

Calming Floral Fusion: Light and beautiful floral notes of Lavender and Gardenia.

Cherry Candy: What is better that sweet, mouth watering, cherry candy!?

Fan-A-Banana: If you are bananas for banana, you are going to LOVE Fan-A-Banana!

Pink Lemonade: Its pink! Its yellow! Its lemony a super fizzy and fun bath bomb. If summer were a bath bomb, this would be it.

Summer Lovin': Fun fruity, pineapple-y, memories of the sun kissing your skin type of bath bomb.


How To Use:

Simply fill tub with warm water and place Super Fizzy Bath Bomb in to the water.


Baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, castor oil, essential oil blend.

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