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Pure Skin

Super Fizzy Bath Bomb

Super Fizzy Bath Bomb

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Bath Bomb Scent (Select Scent Below)

Effervescent and Relaxing

Made with pure castor oil, a blend of high quality essential oils, and beneficial ingredients, Pure Skin Repair's Super Fizzy Bath Bombs will float, fizzy, bounce, and move, all while conditioning your skin. With a fun selection of exciting scents, there is a bath bomb for everyone. This is the standard of pampering you deserve.

Super Fizzy Bath Bomb Scents

Apple Whisper: Sweet an crispy notes of delicious apple.

Calming Floral Fusion: Light and beautiful floral notes of Lavender and Gardenia.

Cherry Candy: What is better that sweet, mouth watering, cherry candy!?

Fan-A-Banana: If you are bananas for banana, you are going to LOVE Fan-A-Banana!

Pink Lemonade: Its pink! Its yellow! Its lemony a super fizzy and fun bath bomb. If summer were a bath bomb, this would be it.

Summer Lovin': Fun fruity, pineapple-y, memories of the sun kissing your skin type of bath bomb.

Best Uses

  • Gentle Cleansing
  • Moisturizing
  • Skin Conditioning and Softening
  • Relaxing


Baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, castor oil, essential oil blend.

How To Use

Simply fill tub with warm water and place Super Fizzy Bath Bomb in to the water.

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