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Balanced Harmony Tea Arrangement

Balanced Harmony Tea Arrangement

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Brought back by special request, The Balanced Harmony Tea Arrangement 
Balance is a goal that can get misconstrue and lost but now, more than ever, it is important to work on personal balance. Speaking from my own experience, taking time out of everyday to sit in peace for a few moments and just breath can make all the difference in my day. During my ‘Me-Time’, I enjoy looking out of the window and sipping a warm cup of crafted tea. It provides me with the clarity, energy, and focus that I need. The Balanced Harmony Tea Arrangement is complete with the crafted tea blend I personally drink every morning. I enjoy my tea in a beautiful clear, 18oz glass mug and I want you to experience the same serenity. *Part of the Exclusive Winter Collection. Available through February 28th, while supplies last.
Whether it’s taking time to enjoy the view from your window, reading a good book, or something else you enjoy, be sure to take care of yourself.


Product Details

Includes (1) Glass 16oz mug and (10) Crafted Tea pouches with a lightly earthy and crisp flavor.

How to Use

Seep a tea blend pouch for 3 to 5 mins in hot water. Carefully remove pouch and allow tea to cool to desired temperature and enjoy as is or with honey and lemon.

Ingredients of Tea Pouches

Crafted Tea pouches include a unique arrangement of Yerbamate, Caylon, and Sencha tea leaves. Yerbatame is know to increase metabolism, concentration, and energy. Ceylon tea is rich in antioxidants, improves heart health, contributes to blood sugar control, and aids in weight loss. Sencha tea has anti-bacterial properties, anti-aging properties, and helps to prevent neurodegenerative disease and the lowering bad cholesterol.

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