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Pure Skin Ultra Hydrating Bath Bath

Ultra Hydrating Bath Bath

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Made with pure coconut and castor oil, a blend of high quality essential oils, Epsom salt, and beneficial ingredients, Pure Skin Repair Ultra Hydrating Bath Bombs will sooth and relax muscles while conditioning the elasticity of your skin. With a beautiful selection of tantalizing scents, there is a bath bomb that everyone will love. This is the standard of pampering you deserve.

Ultra Hydrating Bath Bomb Scents

Bunny Kisses: A fun, soft, clean, and sweet spring breeze scent.

Gardenia: A beautiful deep floral fragrance. Amazingly calming.

Honeysuckle: A premium crisp and sweetly scented floral with a slight woodsy undertone.

Paradise Storm: Bold tropical fruits mingled with a powder soft allure.

Spring Fling: Light grass and bold flower scent.

Winter's Kiss: A light peppermint and linen scent that you are going to love.

How To Use:

Simply fill tub with warm water and place Ultra Hydrating Bath Bomb in to the water. As the bath bomb dissolves, the carefully blended ingredients will relax and loosen muscle tension, while hydrating and softening skin.


Baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, Epsom salt, castor oil, essential oil blend.